Protect Outdoor Decks from the Weather

Outdoor decks are a great asset during the summer, but the exposed nature of these wooden structures makes them susceptible to weather-related issues. Ignoring the elements is a good way to end up with a problematic, ugly, or unsafe deck in the future. So, how can you deal with weather-proofing a deck?

How to Weather-Proof Outdoor Decks

Here are the most common, and most effective ways to weather-proof outdoor decks:

Rot-resistant Wood

Wood is a common surface material for decks, since it’s cheaper, easier to work with, and it looks great. Choosing rot-resistant hardwoods like cedar or redwood may cost more, but they can also add more useful years to the life of the deck by helping the wood stay rot-free through exposure to rainfall, sun, and snow.

Sealing and Re-sealing

Wood that’s sealed each year consistently will have a better chance at warding off the effects of rainwater and mold or mildew. Sealant must be re-applied every year for it to keep working efficiently through the entire season. In areas where rain is less frequent, such as desert environments, sealant might not be useful and therefore not your best option.

UV Inhibiting Finish

Sunlight is an immense problem for wooden decks, since it can dry the wood out too much and create problems when water contacts the deck. Dry wood will retain more water and may start to warp and split over time. Aesthetically speaking; dry wood also becomes bleached and the natural colors fade. This makes the deck look worse and worse over time. Painting or staining with UV inhibiting products can help in your effort to combat these issues.

Corrosion-resistant Nails and Screws

When the temperature changes each season and various elements contact the wood of the deck, natural expansion and contraction can have an adverse effect on the nails and screws. Nails popping up from the wood will be further affected by the elements. The use of corrosion-resistant fasteners in the construction of outdoor decks is a must.

Smart Furniture Choices

Outdoor furniture and BBQ Grills can cause harm the wood of your deck. The use of outdoor deck mats made from plastic materials offer a better chance of mildew resistance and reduces the amount of water retention. Traditional woven mats or thick outdoor carpet mats are not a good choice for protecting a deck, they more often than not retain moisture and cause more harm than good.


Professionally built Wooden Decks can increase the value of your home, and serve as a wonderful place to spend time outdoors with family and friends in virtually every season. But, without proper weather-proofing strategies, outdoor decks won’t last long and may prove to be a bigger problem than they should be.

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