With our vast range of window and door products, we have something for every home, every style, and every budget. Whether you are looking for dual pane or triple pane glass replacement windows, we have what you need. We carry a complete line of options from the top manufacturers in the country. Priced-Rite can provide top-of-the-line, double-hung windows, casement windows, transom windows, bay windows, arched windows, awning windows, bay & bow windows, picture windows, and sliding sash windows. Each window type is available in a wide-range of sizes to suit just about any application. Contact our sales team for more detailed information about our product offering.


Good afternoon, Mr. Moretti. You were the first contractor to offer a copy of your license and proof of insurance. We saw some of the work you did in our neighborhood. We are thoroughly impressed. When can you start putting in our windows?

A. Patel, Residential Customer

I sure am glad we called you! Our house is beautiful!

O. Rosa, Residential Client

My wife’s face just lights up when she hears all of the compliments. Thanks Tom!

S. Bulotovic, Residential Client

I stand to save some good money on my heat and air this year. My windows may come out to be virtually free after just a few years.

J. Schwartz, Residential Client
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About Us

Priced-Rite Windows serves Chicago and the surrounding area from Southern Wisconsin to Western Indiana including Michigan & Ohio. We can provide beautiful windows that won’t cost you a bundle. If it’s time to upgrade the look of your home, and you want the best price without sacrificing quality, give us a call.

With over 45 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing vinyl windows and doors, we know you be happy with Priced-Rite. We take full advantage of our buying power and supplier relationships so that we can guarantee the highest quality windows and doors for the best pricing. In turn, we pass these outstanding savings on to you. We can beat our competitors each and every time.


If you don’t have the cash on hand for your window renovation project, or simply want to keep you savings readily available for a rainy day, don’t despair! Priced Rite Windows has teamed up with Lending Point & Project Finance to provide competitive rates for all of your home improvement projects. Whether you need $3,500 or $20,000 we can provide a loan tailored to your needs.

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