Bow Windows

Priced Rite Bow Windows will expand the viewing area of any room in your home, while at the same time allowing more natural light inside, which will brighten up an otherwise dark room. The benefits of installing Bow Windows are further enhanced when installed in a northern facing wall. This is particularly true when the windows are added to homes that are situated in northern climates. It’s no surprise then, to see that bay windows have become so popular in the Chicago and surrounding area.

Where to Install Bow Windows

Living Rooms: When remodeling your home consider replacing conventional picture windows with the wide viewing area of a Bow Window. Your new bow windows will become the focal point of your living room, family room, or den.
Kitchens: While a bay window is more common place in a kitchen nook, this may be difficult to accomplish due to the inherent design constraints of your existing home. In this case; you should consider a small bow window as an alternative solution. While it won’t physically expand the overall floor space, the room will feel larger. It will also help to illuminate your kitchen and provide a better viewing area so you can watch the birds feed while waking up with your favorite cup of java.
Master Bedrooms: This may not be the most common place to install a bow window, but in the right circumstances a small bow window installed in the master bedroom creates a wonderful sitting area. You can sit and relax and enjoy the outdoor scenery while reading one of your favorite books just before bed.

Available Options for Bow Windows

Consider one or more of these options when you purchase your new windows. While large, unobstructed panes of glass in the individual sections offer the best viewing area, our bow windows are now available with internal grids. This will add a whole new level of elegance to your new Bow Windows. We can also provide etched glass if you need additional privacy in the room. Select light or dark trim finishes to match the existing windows of your home.