Common Curb Appeal Mistakes Made by Home Owners and Contractors

Selling a newly constructed home can be easier than trying to get an older house ready for the market, but that may not be the case if the curb appeal of the house is ignored. Contractors and home owners both tend to make mistakes in this area when there’s too much pressure to rush to home to the market. But, a little care to avoid the most common mistakes can go a long way towards getting the new construction sold fast. If you are simply sprucing up on older home for resale, these same principles apply.

Avoid These Common Curb Appeal Mistakes

Poor Landscaping: It’s true that buyers won’t always expect a newly constructed home to have a well-manicured garden or yard, but an eyesore of a lawn won’t do much for their first impression. Sodding the lawn, mulching the front garden beds, and planting some simple greenery will make the house look more appealing from the onset. Don’t go overboard with the planting, you don’t want buyers to think it’s going to require an excessive amount of maintenance to keep the garden looking good. Planting a few perennials in the front garden will add some color to the garden and convey a cozy feel to the property.

Cost Over Quality: Cutting costs of building materials will increase the profits, but if you go overboard on the cost-cutting measures, you may end up turning away savvy home buyers who pick up on the use of inferior products. Pay close attention to the elements that can be seen from the street when driving past the front of the house. This includes the front windows, the entry door, outdoor light fixtures, and the porch or deck. Low cost may help with profits, but low quality detracts from the curb appeal and deters many buyers from even looking at the house.

Big Bold Statements: A popular trend in decorating is to add a paint color that makes a big bold statement. This could be displayed on lawn fixtures, front entry doors, window trim, or perhaps the garage door. This works well for individuals who already own, and plan to stay in their homes, but it’s potentially a bad idea for new construction, or older homes about to be placed on the market. The main reason to avoid going overboard with bright, bold statements is that the color or style may not coincide with the decorating styles of potential buyers. It may even discourage some buyers from stopping in to look at the home.

These bold statements are highly subject to individual tastes, and may not a good fit for homes new and old, that are about to be placed on the market. Some overpowering statements, especially obscure exterior paint colors visible from the front of the house, can instantly leave a bad impression that will sour their view of rest of the house, no matter how nice you think it is.

Conversely, a subtle accent can leave a lasting reminder that may encourage the buyer to come back for another look. Personally, I would say the blue door in the photo above falls into this category. Yes it’s bold, yes it’s a deep contrast, but it is memorable without being gaudy, and substantially improves the curb appeal of this particular home. While the trim is painted in a complimentary shade of blue, you hardly notice it.

Final Thoughts on the Merits of Curb Appeal

Although curb appeal isn’t everything when it comes to selling a home; a good first impression can make all the difference in the world. On the other hand; a bad impression leaves most potential buyers uninspired. Take a little extra time getting your house ready for the market and avoid these three major curb appeal mistakes.

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