Replacing old windows in your home can be a tedious job. There’s a lot of issues to consider when you’re redoing windows in an older home. This is especially true if your windows are more than a decade old. Due to the high expense incurred when taking on a project like this, many homeowners are searching for ways they can save money during the process.

Replacing Old Windows at the Same Time

It seems a bit counterintuitive, but it’s much cheaper for homeowners and contractors if all of your windows are being replaced at the same time. Buying materials in bulk, including the new windows themselves, will cut the price significantly. Additionally; combining window replacement and other associated tasks into one trip or setup can save the contractor on travel cost. Compare this to the cost of making multiple trips with workmen and supplies numerous times. Conversely; if all of the work is completed at one time, the homeowner is more likely to receive a discount on the overall installation cost.

Considering the Resale Value of Your Home

Installing new windows throughout your home can set you back a substantial sum of money. This is true whether you are lucky enough to receive a significant substantial discount. However; if you are planning to put your house on the market within a year or two of replacing old windows; the property value is likely going to increase significantly. This rise in the value of your home won’t be something miniscule; it will be a noticeable increase in the selling price that will more than likely cover the entire costs associate with the installation of the newer, up-to-date, windows.
Year by year this increase in the resale value from the installation of new windows will go down. This is mainly because windows are no longer considered new after just a few years, even though they are superior to the windows you have just replaced. One of the reasons that new windows increase the value of your home so much is the assurance that that the windows won’t need to be replaced again in the near future. The primary reason the value of your home increases is the potential for a boost in energy efficiency by installing newer, energy efficient windows.

Energy Savings & Tax Credits

The cost savings enjoyed on your monthly energy bill, as well as any available tax credits, are strictly a savings for the current homeowner. However, these are tangible benefits and they make a pretty convincing reason to start the process of replacing old windows. While energy savings alone could take years to add up to the cost of the new windows, the US government offers tax credits for installing energy-efficient additions in your home. Energy Star Tax credits for new windows cover a large portion of the initial cost of purchasing and installing new energy efficient windows. This makes your purchase a great investment when the subsidized price is taken into account.

Final Thoughts

New windows are often considered a bit of a luxury on an older home. However; in the case of a house that will be going on the market in the near future, or a home with broken windows that need replacing anyway, or the opportunity to take advantage of great government tax credits; it may be worth considering a full window replacement for your family home.

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