You may be considering Soundproof Windows if your home happens to be situated near an airport or is adjacent to a busy highway. If your house is on the flight path to the airport runway, the non-stop noise of from jets landing and taking off can be unbearable. The constant annoyance can deprive you of sleep and affect every aspect of your life. You may become so tired and irritable that your performance at work or school will suffer. Before you run out and buy the wrong type of windows, you should ask yourself these important questions about Soundproof Windows.

Do Soundproof Windows Really Eliminate Noise

Eliminate noise? No! Reduce noise levels? Yes! There is no such thing as soundproof windows, but if you install properly engineered sound barrier windows you can substantially reduce the noise level inside your home. Standard insulated glass windows have an STC Rating of just 28, but Priced Rite’s sound barrier windows have an STC rating of 40 to 46. Imagine how this improvement in the reduction in noise will improve your quality of life.

Is the Noise Entering Through my Walls or my Windows

The trick to reducing or eliminating noise is to find the source. Many homeowners spend a small fortune adding insulation to their walls, only to discover that the true source of the noise pollution is actually their windows.

How Can I Measure the Noise Level

The best way to find the source and measure the noise level is with a sound meter a.k.a a decibel gauge. You guessed it, there’s an app for it. It’s amazing the technology available for today’s smart phones. If you want to take a quick reading on the noise level entering your windows you can download a free app for your phone. Better yet contact our team for a before and after noise level test.

Will Standard Replacement Windows Solve my Problem?

Installing new windows will do very little to decrease noise levels, unless the new windows are specifically designed to reduce noise, like our exclusive sound proof windows. The unique design features of our soundproof windows ensure that they will outperform conventional windows by far. Granted, if your existing windows are damaged, noise may be entering through broken seals. In this case, you may see a marginal improvement in noise reduction by installing new conventional windows. However, the effect will be minimal, and perhaps short lived.

Are all Multi-Pane Windows Soundproof?

Nope! Sorry, but there is much more to the design of soundproof windows than simply adding a layer of glass. In fact, in many cases, an extra layer of glass has very little effect on the noise abatement characteristics of a window. Dual pane or insulated glass windows are great for energy efficiency, but are not necessarily any better at fending off unwanted noise.

Are all Sound Ratings the Same?

Window manufacturers rate the sound transmission levels using the same scale. When shopping for sound proof windows pay close attention to the STC Rating on the label. STC refers to the “Sound Transmission Class.” The higher the number the better the sound insulation benefit. Standard windows may have an STC rating somewhere between 24 and 28 or slightly higher for insulated glass windows. Compare that to our soundproof windows with an STC rating of 40 to 46.

Don’t be fooled, confirm that the STC Rating refers to the entire window assembly, not just the glass itself. Some manufacturers may list the STC rating of the glass on their labels in an effort to mislead you. Dig a little deeper and ask for the test results from the independent testing of the products.

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